Smarter Surfaces innovative whiteboards paints and magentic surfaces

WebDesignWizards have teamed up and formed a co-operation with Smarter Surfaces.

Innovative whiteboard paints, projection surfaces, whiteboard wallpaper and magnetic surfaces

Commissioned to build website for Greece to promote and supply the Greek market with their products

Smarter Surfaces whiteboard paint clear and white

Whiteboard Paint - Clear & White

Commercial grade whiteboard paint that transforms any smooth surface into a dry erase area with just one coat. Create a writable surface in your office, school or home with this no ghosting dry erase paint.

Smarter Surfaces whiteboard wallpaper

Whiteboard Wallpaper

Dry erase wallpaper that transforms surfaces into writable areas.

Smarter Surfaces self adhesive whiteboard wallpaper clear and white

Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Wallpaper

Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film to create a dry erase surface without any hassle and for immediate results.

Smarter Surfaces blackboard, chalkboard paint

Smart Chalkboard Paint

Create a blackboard area with a durable matt black finish. Apply onto any smooth non-porous surface including drywall, wood, plaster and metal.

Smarter Surfaces magnetic paint

Smart Magnetic Paint

Create a high quality magnetic surface of any size with this grey magnetic paint. Use for planning, scheduling, brainstorming, posting, project management, sharing, teamwork and lots more.

Smarter Surfaces magnetic wallpaper

Smart Magnetic Wallpaper

Turn any smooth surface into a magnetic surface with just one easy layer that’s fast to install. This magnetic wallpaper comes pre-primed with a surface that’s ready for topcoating with paint, a wallpaper or digital print of your choice.

Smarter Surfaces magnetic plaster

Smart Magnetic Plaster

A high performance, commercial grade plaster which transforms any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface. It will transform your surface into the ultimate high performing magnetic area for collaboration and productivity.

Smarter Surfaces projector paint

Smart Projector Paint

Allows you to transform any smooth surface into a projection screen of any size or shape. It is a low cost, high quality alternative to projection screens. It can be used with all projectors including standard, interactive, 3D, and 4K projectors.

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