Web hosting

Website hosting is a series of special computer servers that are connected to the internet and managed twenty four hours a day, 365 days per year.

These servers run with linux operating system, have the fastest possible internet connection and store all the information and functionality of the website, making your website constantly acceseable to the internet world by all visitors.

When the visitor types the address of a website, the domain name looks at the registered server and then provides all the site's information to display the website.

This is where your website is stored, so is the home of your website

Web hosting speed and reliability

Speed & Reliability

Our servers are based in Europe, specifically in the UK and the Netherlands where there is high internet speed connection, enabling the transfer of website data to the visitor at hight speed.

Secure SSL connections

Server Security & Safety

Our servers are equiped with secure SSL Certificates and are continuously monitored to make sure they are secure and protect your site's data.

Secure SSL Certificates are required by european law for online stores, they also protext email accounts as well as your customers personal details.

Online stores use payment modules which redirect your customer to paypal, sagepay, worldpay & stripe, this enables your online store to be protected as this does not store your customers credit card details.

Connection and bandwidth

Server Connection & Bandwidth

The connection bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred from the server to the visitors computer.

When this is a limited size, it means you can only have a certain number of visitors each month.

We provide you with as much bandwidth as your site needs, we also monitor this daily and adjust the bandwidth so that your website stays accessible.

Web space

Web Space & Storage

Webspace is the amount of megabytes / gigabytes that your website and data use on the server

The size of your web site's data-information, photographs, videos, texts, emails, etc. We provide you with the space you need for your website, we also monitor this on a daily basis and adjust this to suit your web site's needs.

We also do daily backups of everything on your website, this ensures that nothing can go wrong and your web site stays accessible to everyone.

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