Web design

Web design is the art of designing web pages with text, graphics, logos, banners, HTML, PHP & MySql programming.

With our experience and ideas we can achieve an outstanding website which is a representative of your company or business.

Building web pages to be successful means going through some critical stages to acheive your goals...

WebDesignWizards Web Design Stage 1

1st Stage

The first step and very important is to communicate with the customer to understand what the needs are and what they require, the customers ideas for the site enable us to incorporate these ideas to acheive the customers final goal.

In this way, we choose with the customer what category of website he wants (for example, if he wants to sell products then we choose an online store, if he wants a site that will just have information pages and to show an internet presence, then we choose a cms system for easy management).

We also confirm the domain name i.e webdesignwizards.gr, and finally whether we will host the website on our web hosting or the customers web hosting.

WebDesignWizards Web Design Stage 2

2nd Stage

Get our team together to discuss the layout, functionality and overal goals of the customer, discusing a timeline and all requirements that are needed

Design and creation of various web designs according to the customer's ideas creating different layouts that we can show the customer until we reach the final design.

Collect the customers logos, banners and content, work on a plan for search engine optimisation.

WebDesignWizards Web Design Stage 3

3rd Stage

Setup web hosting (if required), install the basic website and layout ready for customisation.

Start the layout design and check functionality which includes certain modules that are required by the customer.

Create a holding page with customer information and build the site behind the scenes so we can show the customer the progress of the project.

WebDesignWizards Web Design Stage 4

4th Stage

Include the customers logos, banners, products and all images into the design

setup social media icons and pages (if required) and get everything ready for the launch.

Extensive testing and discussion with the customer to make sure everything is ready to go live.

WebDesignWizards Web Design Stage 5

5th and final Stage

Remove the holding page, making the website live, and checking its functionality for the final time.

Social media announcements, google business integration and search engine submissions.

We do require the customer to write a brief testimonial once everything has been checked and agreed with, the website is ready for the world!!!

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